209 W 5th Street

Waterloo, Iowa 50701

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Crest Room

The Crest Room offers guests with a variety of seating options, below are photos and a brief description.

The first option consists of four banquet tables set into the shape of a rectangle, very similar to a home dining room. This set-up can seat 16-24 guests.


The second option is the smallest version that we offer, consisting of two banquet tables in the shape of a rectangle. This set-up can seat 16-20 guests.

crest banquet

The third option is a T-shaped table. There is a head table with a tail. This set-up can seat 20- 30 guests.

crest t

The final option is banquet tables set in a diagonal direction. This can either be set with three tables or four, allowing seating for 18-40 guests.

crest diagnol