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Party Rooms


Thank you for considering the Waterloo Brown Bottle for hosting your party. We have been assisting families and businesses with their parties for over 40 years. In that time we have refined our services to ensure the best quality, and the least worry for you. Please see what we have to offer below.


Crest Roomcrest

Our Crest Room offers guests with a variety of options, having a seating capacity

 of 40 guests. This is a great option for family dinners, rehearsal dinners, and birthdays.

To reserve the Crest Room we require a $100 deposit to guarantee the

space at the requested time. The night of the reservation the deposit is credited

to the bill at the end of the evening given that a $500 minimum purchase is met. 

Click here to see what the Crest Room has to offer you!


Tuscan Room

Our Tuscan Room offers guests a wide variety of options with the

ability to be divided into two separate areas. The whole room cantuscan

accommodate 110 guests; the halves individually have

capacity of 50 guests. The Tuscan Room is a great option

for anniversaries, wedding dinners, and Christmas parties.

To reserve the Tuscan Room we require a $100 deposit for

half the room and $500 deposit for the whole room. The night

of the reservation the deposit is credited to the bill at the end 

of the evening given that a $500 minimum purchase is met

for use of  half the room or $1,500 for the whole room.

Click here to see what the Tuscan Room has to offer you!



Looking for an area to accommodate a large group of guests,tuscan2

we can help! The Crest Room and Tuscan Room can be

transformed into one large area by opening the vintage

accordion doors that separate the two rooms. Allowing for

accommodating up to 150 guests. To reserve the

Crest Room & Tuscan Room we require an $800 deposit

to guarantee the space at the requested time. The night of

the reservation the deposit is credited to the bill at the

end of the evening given that a $2,000 minimum purchase is met.


Menu Options

Menus and their options are based off of the number of guests in the party. For groups up to 20 guests our main menu may be used. Parties larger than 20 are restricted to a smaller menu, though there are various options to choose from. Different menu options that we offer include our Party Menu, which is a set menu with a wide variety of options, then from there smaller menus can be created, these include a six entrée choice, four entrée choice, or two entrée choice menu. When utilizing the smaller menus, the host or hostess of the group decides which options from the Party Menu are selected for the smaller menu.

-Guest count up to 50 guests may choose to use the Party Menu or select from the three smaller options as well to best fit the group.

-Guest count of 51 to 65 guests are limited to a six choice entrée menu or smaller.

-Guest count of 66 to 80 guests have the option of a four or two entrée choice menu.

-Guest counts over 81 guests are limited to a two entrée menu. 

We can personalize any menu with up to 6 entrée choices with either a tent style menu, or open page style menu. If you choose to serve Prime Rib as an option for your guests, we will need a preorder no later than 2 days prior to the reservation in order to reserve the appropriate amount.

Party Room Appetizer Options

Appetizer options are available for parties, they include: 

16” Veggie Tray   $45.00 Garlic Bread (Four slices that can be cut into halves) $6.95
9 x 13 Meatballs     $60.00 Cheese Bread  (Four slices that can be cut into halves) $8.95
9 x 13 Spinach Artichoke Dip served with Chips  $55.00 Pizza Bread (Four slices that can be cut into halves) $9.20
16” Meat & Cheese Tray $75.00 Pepperoni Pinwheels $1.75/piece
9 x 13 Sautéed Mushrooms    $45.00 Prosciutto Pinwheels $1.75/piece
14” Pizza squares (1 topping)  $19.00 Crab Toastettes $1.75/piece
9 x 13 Cocktail smokies      $60.00 Sausage Stars $1.75/piece
Toasties (Ten pieces per order) $6.95 Tomato Bruschetta $1.75/piece


Dessert Options

Dessert options include: whole brownie pies, sundaes, whole cheesecakes, or for a fee we will allow cakes brought from bakeries with proof of purchase. We do not allow any homemade items. This will need to be decided 5 days prior to the reservation and if ordering whole brownie pies or cheesecakes we will need to know how many you would like.

Table Appearance

All tables are set with white table cloths, black napkin wrapped silverware, and an amber colored lantern. We offer additional decorating starting at $15 per table which includes your choice of floating candles in a glass cylinder with mirror base centerpiece or grapevines with Chianti wine bottles with candles. Guests are allowed to decorate, although we do not allow the use glitter, confetti, or table scatter. Additionally, there is not to be use of tape, push pins, nails, etc. to secure any decorations to our permanent structures.  

As for other banquet accessories we have a table top podium, projector, and projection screen, however we do not have microphones or speakers. Accessories are subject to additional charges, please contact us to discuss. Additionally, guests are allowed to bring these in from an outside source though we ask that you notify us if you plan to bring them in so we can set the room accordingly.

Cancellations & Room Specifics 

Cancellations will receive full deposit refund if made within 7 days prior to the event. Within 7 days, there is a  20% penalty per day and within 48 hours prior to the reservation, the deposit is forfeited to the Waterloo Brown Bottle.

 A final guest count is requested 5 days prior to the reservation so we can adequately staff and arrange the room. If the final count differs from the actual number of guests that attend, it is still required that the minimum purchase price is met. 

All reservations are for 2 ½ hours; after 2 ½ hours an additional charge of $10 per server, per half hour may be added.

We can accommodate various table arrangements such as: U-shaped, classroom  style, boardroom style and others. We will try to accommodate all requests for table positioning and selection depending on availability and subject to numbers.


When you are ready to make the reservation we have a Party Room Contract. We use this contract to ensure that all of your needs are met as well as making sure that every detail is covered. Please read through the contract before reserving a room. Please email us or stop in to complete our Party Room Contract. The deposit is required in order to reserve the room.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at (319) 232-3014 or email us at waterloobrownbottle@gmail.com.